Keynote Speech

Success Through Manipulation Training

Identify how you’re reacting and being manipulated by your environment, work, family, friends and most importantly your own thinking, and doing something about it to improve your performance, create professional success and achieve personal dreams.

Your audience will learn:

How conventional thinkers limit their success by reacting and letting their thinking manipulate them

Conventional thinkers are poor to average performers that view manipulation as something negative that is done to them. They see it as a means to dominate people, to gain power and to control others.

How world class performers manipulate their thinking to create great success

Unconventional thinkers are world class performers that view manipulation as neither positive or negative. Manipulation is a tool. A race car driver manipulates his steering wheel. It is the outcome of the manipulation that let’s the race car driver crash or win the race. While conventional thinkers crash, unconventional thinkers manipulate their own thinking to achieve and create great success.

How to manipulate your own thinking, stop reacting and succeed in any situation

Improve performance using unique tools for manipulating your own thinking and eliminate negative subconscious reactions, bias and preconceptions to things like environment, work, co-workers, clients, friends, family and much much more.